Toowoomba’s Will Power Wants to Bring Indy Back Home

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Toowoomba’s Will Power Wants to Bring Indy Back Home Facebook

Homeboy Toowoomba’s Will Power is rallying behind the possibility of see the Indy Car Race return home to Queensland.

The local motorsport-racing champion won the race earlier this year in the USA making history along the way as the first Australian winner of the Indy500 earlier this year, said a home victory would be a career highlight.  He said he has pretty much won on every track he has raced on BUT the one on the Gold Coast – a win there would be “absolutely unbelievable.”

Power been lobbying for the state government to bring the race back to our shores – Premier Anastacia Palaszczuck saying she is considering the possibility.

The proposal favoured by the government involves the Gold Coast hosting a race in 2020.

"Will Power another Queensland hero and proudly from Toowoomba (contacted me)," she said.

"I want to back Will Power and Will came to me with a great idea in terms of the opportunity for the Indy to be back on the Gold Coast.

"My government is open to these discussions, we are more than open to these discussions.

The race was last held on the Gold Coast more than a decade ago – it’s time for its return.

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