Heavy Rain Forecast For Melbourne Cup Day

Who loves a poncho?

Heavy Rain Forecast For Melbourne Cup Day

Wrap up and pack a poncho tomorrow – cup day is forecast to be rainy and bleak. 

Bureau of Meteorology is up to 33 millimetres of rain expected to drench Melbourne over the next 48 hours – as well as thunderstorms -  so you might want to rethink that blow wave.                    

That being said, it’s hoped the wild weather will ease in time for the big race:

“The heaviest rain for Cup Day is expected in the morning," senior forecaster Michael Efron said.

"We'll see the rain becoming more extensive in the early hours of Tuesday and this will continue until about 11am ... we could see [up to] 15 millimetres in those few hours.

"However, the conditions look like they will clear up around lunch time which is good news for those heading to Cup Day."

Melbourne is forecast to hit a high of 22 degrees tomorrow afternoon, with a low of 15. 



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