Severe Weather Warning In Place For Melbourne & Surrounds

Stay inside!

Severe Weather Warning In Place For Melbourne & Surrounds File image

Cancel your Friday night plans. Wild winds and thunderstorms are likely to batter Melbourne this afternoon.

Severe Weather Manager Steven McGibbony from the Bureau of Meteorology Victoria says while reports of dust storms in Melbourne's west aren't accurate, there is a severe weather warning in place. 

He said given the dry winter and dust on the ground the conditions weren’t surprising. 

 “We’ve seen some reports that suggest there has been some raised dust reducing visibility.”

Wind gusts of up to 90km/hr have already been measures in Melbourne’s west.

There’s also potential for thunderstorms this afternoon.

He said the BOM may need to issue thunderstorm warnings later in the day. 

Temperatures will start to ease off from around four o’clock this afternoon.

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