Cult Beauty Company Deciem Abruptly Closed Down By Founder

Who saw this coming?

Cult Beauty Company Deciem Abruptly Closed Down By Founder Deciem

Cult skincare company, Deciem, has abruptly shut shop in Australia following a shock announcement from its founder.

Owner Brandon Truaxe posted a bizarre Instagram post talking about “major criminal activity” on Tuesday. He didn't explain what he meant by the accusation. 

Today their stores in Sydney and Melbourne are closed - as well as their stores around the world. 


The beauty company, is most well-known for low-cost, high quality brand The Ordinary, which is stocked in Priceline, Myer and other online stores.

Estee Lauder came on as a minority investor in the brand in 2017, and own 28 per cent of the company.


 "We are deeply concerned by the material that has recently been posted on social media and will defend our rights as a minority investor," a spokesperson told the BBC.

The shut down is said to be temporary, and it appears the online site is still taking orders.

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