Woolworths To Drop Limit Baby Formula Sales Limit After Video Goes Viral

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Woolworths To Drop Limit Baby Formula Sales Limit After Video Goes Viral Facebook

Woolworths will limit sales of baby formula to two tins per transaction from next week, after footage of crowds stockpiling formula went viral.

Ben Barak told News.com.au he popped into Woolworths at Chadstone Shopping Centre early in the morning when he saw crowds buying boxes of formula.

“I got to the shop at just before 8am that morning (Sunday) and there was nobody there,” he told the website.

“But when I went to pay at the checkout about five or 10 minutes later, there was about 50 people lining up with boxes. They just came out of nowhere.

He said there was a long line of people carrying boxes of baby formula.


Woolworths increased its customer purchase limit from two to eight, after claiming to have improved the supply of formula in August.

However they’ve revealed today they will be reversing the decision:

"We can confirm from next week the baby formula limit will revert to two tins per transaction.

"We'll closely monitor our on-shelf availability and feedback from customers as we make this adjustment. 

"We will communicate this limit to our store teams and ensure our customers are advised by displaying signs in our stores."

Baby formula is highly sought after by Chinese personal shoppers who resell the product in China at inflated prices.

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