Two Month Countdown To The Supercars!

Who's getting excited?

Two Month Countdown To The Supercars! Fox Sports

Excitement's starting to build ahead of the Newcastle 500!

There are only two months to go until the Supercars are back zooming around the city's East End.

And unlike the inaugural event last year, there will be minimal disruption during this year's preparations.

"This time around we don't have any of the civil works that were involved last year, so no repaving of the road or re-positioning of services," Event Manager Kurt Sakzewski said.

"It's quite a short bump in, and it really just involves the temporary event infrastructure, which will kick off on October 15."

Light rail construction will also have wrapped up in the CBD by the time the event is on, meaning getting around town will be a lot easier.

Tickets are still available for this year's event from November 23-25, with more details here.

An estimated 190,000 fans attended the first Newcastle 500 last year.