Sydney, Here's How Hot It Is RN


Sydney, Here's How Hot It Is RN Fox - The Simpsons

It's hot.

You don't need us to tell you that.

To fully grasp just how hot it is right now, here are the temperatures around Sydney.

It's currently 36C in the CBD, with is only one degree warmer in Penrith, with 37C there and in Liverpool.

In Terrey Hills, it's 34C, with 36C in Parramatta, Cambelltown and Richmond.

At Bondi it's also reached 35C.

It will stay very warm as we head into the weekend, with it hitting 34C in Liverpool tomorrow.

Temperatures will hit 35C in Blacktown, 36C in Richmond and 34C in Camden.

It will be a little bit cooler in Bondi at 27C, while reaching 30C in Mascot and 29C in Cronulla.

There will be a dip in temperatures across Sydney by Sunday, with it dropping to the low 20s with lots of cloud coverage.

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