Woolworths Is Releasing A Festive MINIS Collection For Christmas!

Collect them all!

Woolworths Is Releasing A Festive MINIS Collection For Christmas! Woolworths

Coles really won over the nation with their Little Shop Collectibles this year, and now Woolies are jumping on the minis trend with a cute Christmas collection. 

The supermarket is releasing Christmas Pop-Out collectibles from this week onwards, for kids and adults alike to fight over all the cute cardboard figures on offer. 

Each of the figures will be released in four rounds, once a week from this Wednesday, November 14. 

The pop-outs will feature “all your Christmas favourites such as Santa, Reindeer, Elves, Gingerbread Man, Snowman and more.”

A plus? They’re cardboard, so you’re not ruining the environment. 

You can also get a Christmas tree stand to display them all from Woolies for $3, so everyone knows you beat them and collected all of them. 

However, unlike the Coles minis, that were lucky-dip-like, you’ll be able to see what you’re getting. 

“Customers will also be able to see what they are getting as the ‘Woolworths Christmas Pop-Outs’ will not come in ‘blind plastic bags’ to help avoid duplication or disappointment and minimise waste.”

Get ready, Australia!


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