Robert Pattinson Wants To Do Another ‘Twilight’ & PLEASE Make This Happen


Robert Pattinson Wants To Do Another ‘Twilight’ & PLEASE Make This Happen Summit Entertainment

Twilight was one of those phases of hyper-obsession that we will forever hold in a special part of our heart - most likely one we will never tell anyone about… 

But now that Robert Pattinson has talked about his beloved Edward again, well, our inner Twi-hard is rearing its crazed head. 


Now 32, R-Patz spoke with Variety about his new film High Life, only to then be questioned about Twilight, because it’s all we seem to care about. 

“I feel like I stopped mentally progressing around the time I started doing those movies,” Robert revealed.

“It feels like not a day has passed.”

He then went on to make our inner Twi-hard scream, saying,

“The amount of time I spend moisturising… I am ready to play 17 at a moment’s notice.

"Ready. I’ve got the botox out.”

We do not know and do not care if he was joking - someone make. this. happen. 


Yes, we know we should be moving forward and focusing on the new, amazing things Robert is doing with his career, but let’s face it - Twilight’s always going to win us over. 


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