You’re Taming Your Frizzy Hair The WRONG Way

We ALL do this!

You’re Taming Your Frizzy Hair The WRONG Way Mamamia / Amy Clark

Are you one of those girls who always has frizzy flyaway hairs messing things up for you in the hair department?

I am and it’s so annoying how the pesky buggers just won’t stay down, no matter how much I try to tame them. 

You might be trying every product out there to fix your flyaways, but I’ve just stumbled across a super easy and basically free solution you can try in only a few minutes!

Mamamia’s Amy Clark shared the simple solution after attending a ghd launch event this week, where the ghd artist and owner of award-winning Brisbane salon Rokstar, Brodie-Lee Stibbons, blessed her life with the super quick and easy tip!

After straightening Amy’s hair, Brodie-Lee sprayed a rather generous amount of hairspray to her roots, before running the edge of the can of hairspray over the top of them to flatten out the tiny, frizzy, flyaway hairs. 

Notice the one thing you’re doing differently. 

If you’re like me, you spray on the hairspray and then use your hands to flatten and smooth it all out - but that’s where we go WRONG!

Brodie-Lee told Amy that using your hands just adds to the frizz as the warmth they create only makes it all worse. 

So, using the cool edge of a hairspray can to smooth over our roots is the perfect no-flyaway solution.

How have we been doing it so wrong for so long…?

Do YOU use this trick?

Let us know your tips for taming flyaways in the Facebook comments!



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