Bachie Girl Chats Up Nick’s Fam & Makes FB Private So We Can't Prove She WON


Bachie Girl Chats Up Nick’s Fam & Makes FB Private So We Can't Prove She WON Network Ten / Jonathan Ng

If this all turns out to be true, this article contains a massive SPOILER. So if you don’t wanna know who potentially wins, then LOOK AWAY. LOOK AWAY.



The drama pot is definitely being stirred on The Bachelor this year, and things have just gotten even more dramatic off screen! 


While the girls are bound to NDAs, so they don’t spoil the show, eagle-eyed fans are NOT and may have just hunted down one of the biggest bits of goss ever!



The Daily Mail released news of their research efforts, finding that some of Nick’s family members were interacting with one of the Bachie girls, by way of being friends on Facebook. 



And, as we all know, Facebook friends obviously equals IRL friends. 



So, just which girl is linked to Nick and his family?



30-year-old Brittany Hockley, who is proving to be one hell of a catch on the show. 





While she has now made her Facebook account private, screenshots came out of Nick’s sis Bernadette Cummins Bowler wishing Britt happy birthday. 



Not only this, but Nick’s other relative Leigh Cummins friended Britt and began liking all her posts. 






 Poor Cass…


 Do you ship these two?


 Let us know if you want Britt to win in the Facebook comments! 




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