The First AUSSIE Netflix Series Is Here & It's ‘True Blood’ Meets ‘Ocean Girl’

This looks AMAZING

The First AUSSIE Netflix Series Is Here & It's ‘True Blood’ Meets ‘Ocean Girl’ Netflix

We’ve been binge-watching Netflix series for a few years now and we’ve been bombarded with overseas content. 

But now, that’s all about to change, because the first AUSSIE Netflix series is about to drop on the streaming platform for us all to obsess over!

The series is called Tidelands, and stars Aussie Charlotte Best (Home And Away, Puberty Blues) as the leading lady. 

Tidelands is set in the fictional town of Ophelia Bay, following Charlotte’s character, Cal, an ex-convict, who returns home where a series of murders have taken place and she become entangled in the world of ‘tidelanders’ - ominous Siren-like creatures, led by Adrielle (Chris Hemsworth’s wife Elsa Pataky). 

“Cal McTeer must unlock the secrets that lie beneath the surface of Orphelin Bay before it's too late. “

It’s got the dark elements and mystery we all loved in True Blood, and the mixture of appreciation and fear for the sea we got from Ocean Girl.

Check out the trailer below - this is going to be your new fave show!


Tidelands will drop on Netflix on December 14.


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