How Perth's Latest Murder Tragedy Has Shaken Its Citizens

The third mass murder in Perth.

How Perth's Latest Murder Tragedy Has Shaken Its Citizens AAP

Perth has been shaken by yet another tragedy overnight as twin girls, aged two, another girl aged three-and-a-half, their mother and grandmother are the victims of what's feared to be the third mass killing in Western Australia this year.

The shocking discovery comes after the shooting deaths of three adults and four children in Osmington in regional WA in May and the deaths of a mother and her daughter, 15, and son, eight, at Ellenbrook in Perth's north-east in July.

This morning, Heidi, Xavier and Ryan spoke to Rebecca Nicholls, a reporter from 7News who was at the Bedford home where the family was found, about the tragedy and how it's affected citizens.

She said that the neighbours who spoke to the media explained that the victims seemed to be a happy family, however, they hadn't seen them in a while.

"I've spoken to neighbours here this morning, we spoke to some neighbours yesterday, and they said that they just seemed like such a happy family. 

"Nothing had seemed to unusual, but they hadn't seen them for about a week."

A man in his 20s turned himself to a regional police station on Sunday, ahead of police going to the home where they discovered the bodies around midday.

It's believed the man was known to the women and children, although police have not confirmed this.

This sort of incident has become extremely common in Western Australia over the last few months and as Rebecca explained, it's left the states citizens heartbroken and confused.

"We've seen these incidents, these tragedies, time and time again over the last few months. In Osmington, in Ellenbrook, and only last week we saw that mother of two buried in her backyard who was allegedly murdered by her husband.

"You've just got to think, what is going on?!"

Listen to the full interview below where Rebecca explains how the bodies were found and what Police are doing to console the community:

If you've seen or heard anything in relation to the Bedford incident, you can contact Crime Stoppers anonymously online at

If you are concerned about your own wellbeing, are experiencing a personal crisis, or are concerned about someone else, contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or at

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