Kildare Catholic College


Over the last three days students from Kildare Catholic College have taken part in MusoMagic run by Chocolate Starfish lead singer Adam Thompson. 

MusoMagic provides innovative, outstanding workshops and programs that unite, engage, motivate and empower groups of all ages and backgrounds through the magic of song.

65 students from year 7 to year 12 took part in the program where they united as one to create a song based on the message of having each others' backs. 

Workshops were held to help boost confidence, learn new skills including singing and dance which forced students and their mentors out of their comfort zones. 

Over the two days the kids grew immensely and by the end of the program they were able to flash mob the streets of Wagga including Marketplace.

Adam Thompson joined Herbie to discuss MusoMagic and how the program went at Kildare Catholic College.